Basic low cost translations

Suitable for: internal use in a company, general understanding of the text of translation, general texts, business communication

Advanced low cost translations

Suitable for: texts for publication and printing, advertising contents, technical texts...

General terms and conditions

1. General requirements of business

1.1. General terms and conditions apply to all services offered by the company PEN, Translation Agency, Jerneja Jurca s.p. , with its head office at Gradišče I/112, SI-1291 Škofljica (hereinafter referred to as the »Author«) or to all legal relations between Author and Contracting Authority in all operating conditions, which also refers to providing or proposing services to the Client, except in cases where the Author provides in writing his explicit consent for the use of different operating conditions.

1.2. In the case of orders via e-mail or phone, it is understood that the Client has read the General terms and condition and is in full agreement with them.

1.3. To create informative offer the Client has to deliver as much information as possible, such as text for translation, language of translation, proofreading required, time period of translation and further details on request. The inquiry itself and our informative offer do not constitute confirmed order, as an essential condition for the validity of the order represents order confirmation via our purchase order (an official order is the order via e-mail or purchase order sent by fax and mail, or original purchase order, or correct purchase order form) or payment of the service within time period and under the conditions specified in the offer (usually in the form of  pro-forma invoice). In the event that the service is not paid within the period specified in the purchase order or the order is not sent, it shall be deemed never to have been ordered. In this case we will of course keep your order in our records as a record-keeping order. In such case, regardless of the previous event, you will get the service you wanted, but under new conditions.
1.4. Calculation of the number of characters is based on the number of characters indicated in the original document – i.e. the text you want translated.

2. Author's and Contracting Authority's obligations

2.1. The Author undertakes to carry out all of the services they agreed to with the utmost quality to the best of its ability, knowledge, and performance and in a timely manner. In the event of inability to meet the deadlines specified in the order the Author is obligated to inform the Contracting Authority thereof in advance.

2.2. The Authors shall not be liable for the accuracy of information on the website which is only for informative purposes, nor accepts any, direct or indirect, damages or other liability resulting from errors in translations carried out or in any of the services provided.

2.3. Translations are delivered to Contracting Authorities in a single copy by e-mail, on CD-ROM or as a printed document. Unless otherwise agreed, the Author delivers translated materials via e-mail.

2.4. The Author guarantees the strictest security in oral and written translation for official and business Client information and secrecies delivered in original documents, and shall under no circumstances have the right to allow the information be made available to third parties.

2.5. The Contracting Authority undertakes that it will, in so far as the Author requested it, appoint a contact person to whom the Author may turn to in case of confusion and doubt over terminology, or, who shall, in line with the capabilities of the Author, make available additional literature in the language in which the text is being translated. Otherwise, the Author shall use literature, which is available to him.

2.6. Author in all translations that are going for publication recommends language proofreading. The Author cannot accept any liability for complaints on unedited texts that have already been published in print or in the media. Linguistic proofreading can additionally be ordered at the Author.

2.7. Author has the right indicate the name of the Client in their references, unless the Client specifically prohibits the Author from doing so. The Author shall keep all data on clients in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. It shall be deemed that by accepting the offer the Contracting Authority agrees to the use of data for the purposes of statistical processing and information about the offer. If the Contracting Authority does not wish to make the data available, they should indicate a statement on the application.

2.8. The Contracting Authority is required to review the delivered translation and no later than within eight (8) days from the date of delivery make any complaint in writing. In the event that the Customer fails to submit the complaint within the statutory deadline specified for filing such complaint than the Author will not address the filed claim. In case of large number of translated pages (more than 100 translated standard pages) the Contracting Authority reserves the right to extended deadline for filing a complaint, however, no more than 30 days from the day, on which the service has been implemented. In the event that the Customer fails to submit the complaint within the statutory deadline specified for filing such complaint than the Author will not address the filed claim. We provide no guarantee for the quality of the services performed at the express request of the Client within unreasonably short notice.

2.9. All specified and agreed dates and times for delivery of translations, all dates and times for the completion of the translations and other services are indicative only. The Contracting Authority cannot refuse delivery of translation or implementation of the service or cancel the contract due to any delay in the delivery of translation. The Author is not liable under any circumstances for the consequences of any delay in delivery or performance of translation services.    

2.10. The Contracting Authority shall be obliged to send the text to be translated in form, in which editing as such is possible. In the event that editing of this form is not possible the Author shall not be held liable for the loss of original form of the file after the translation.

3. Pro-forma invoice and concluding contract

3.1. The Author shall not be bound to the assessment of costs and prices given by him. The Authors reserves the right to change prices or terms of delivery, in the event the Author did not have access to the full text that requires translating before submitting its offer.

3.2. The deadline for translation is determined upon receiving of the text. The period of translation service does not include weekends and holidays, nor the day on which the order was placed or the day of delivery of translation.

3.2. In the event the Contracting Authority accepts the offer provided by the Author orally or in writing, or accepts written confirmation of the Author regarding the order acceptance by the Contracting Authority in the event the Author has not provided any offer, than this shall be deemed as conclusion of the contract.

3.3. The Contracting Authority shall be considered as any natural or legal person who ordered the service, except where such person explicitly stated that it acts on behalf of a third party, whose name and address will be delivered to the Author at order implementation and indicate proof of consent by third parties.

3.4. Any arrangements and promises made by representative or employee of the Author shall bound the Author only in the case where the Author such agreements in writing.

3.5. In case of doubt of the Contracting Authority's ability to pay, large order, orders made by private or foreign Contracting Authorities as well as in other cases where the Author considers it necessary, the Author shall be entitled to request an advance or payment in advance from the Contracting Authority before the execution of the order. Natural persons must unconditionally meet its payment obligations in advance.

4. Prices of services and special discounts

4.1. Services are billed in accordance with the Author's valid price list at the date of the conclusion of the contract or, in exceptional cases, in accordance with the prices set by specific written agreement with the Contracting Authority.

4.2. The prices listed in the price list are without VAT and apply exclusively and only for translations. Any additional services, such as text processing, proofreading, etc., are billed separately in accordance with the decision of the Author.

4.3. Minimum unit of account of written texts is 1 standard translation page. One standard translation page has includes 1,500 computer calculated characters excluding spaces.

4.4. Long-term business partners may, in accordance with special agreement on providing services, be granted special discount.

4.5. Additional discounts may be granted for large amounts of texts.

5. Payment

5.1. Contracting Authority undertakes to pay the agreed amount for provided services within the period of fifteen (15) days. Payment shall be made exclusively on the Author's bank account. In case of late payments the Author will charge interest on late payment.

5.2. Contracting Authority may use the translated text only after it has been in full according to the invoice issued by the Author. Until the invoice is paid in full the translation and all copyrights of translated text are property of the Author. After payment of the invoice all copyrights belong to Contracting Authority.

5.3. If the Contracting Authority wishes to terminate the ordered services before the agreed deadline, they may do so only with the written notice. In this case, the Contracting Authority is obliged to settle all costs incurred by and due to the Author due to such termination.

5.4. Legal entities are billed after the services are rendered. In the case of large orders (as assessed by the Author), arrangements for multiple payments may be considered.

5.5. In the event that the Contracting Authority did not pay its outstanding liabilities even after they have already been given notice of late payment, the Author shall use all legal measures available to recover the debt (through the courts, the engagement of third parties, etc.).

5.6. Minimum order for one language is one (1) translation page.

5.7. We charge additional 10 % for material not provided in electronic form.

6. Final provisions

6.1. In case of any dispute between the Contracting parties the competent court in Trebnje shall preside over the matter.

Why are translations so affordable?

•    Use of cutting edge technology
•    Translation is tailored to customer's needs
•    A wide range of translators and proof-readers
•    Experienced and quick translators
•    Administration optimisation
•    Simple offer and focus on the basic service


We choose only the best and the most responsive ones among our translators, who always provide linguistically appropriate translation. Their work is not easy as it requires a good knowledge of translation technology and huge language skills. Our translators are also regularly trained and further develop their knowledge and skills.


In our translation agency we are investing heavily in translation technology. We are thus able to translate your text much faster and better. Text you send us may be converted using OCR programs and utilities into text files from various formats such as .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, etc.

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