Basic low cost translations

Suitable for: internal use in a company, general understanding of the text of translation, general texts, business communication

Advanced low cost translations

Suitable for: texts for publication and printing, advertising contents, technical texts...

Low cost translations

Low cost translations



Low cost translationsChoose appropriate low-cost translation for yourself and save money

Why pay more for translation as it is necessary? PEN Translation Agency allows you to choose the type of translation you need. Therefore, we have prepared translations for you at the best prices.

Low-cost translations tailored to your needs

PEN is a European provider of quality and quick translations at extremely affordable prices. You can choose between more affordable translations, which are intended for the general understanding of texts and internal use, as well as translations in which we prepare proofread text for you that are suitable for publication.

How are these translations different?

All translations are made by professional translators of the target language. Our translations may, in addition to the translation itself, also include professional proofreading of your text. The final text is thus reviewed by proof-reader and field expert. These are definitely the most affordable translations that are available on the UK market.

Why are translations so affordable?

•    Use of cutting edge technology
•    Translation is tailored to customer's needs
•    A wide range of translators and proof-readers
•    Experienced and quick translators
•    Administration optimisation
•    Simple offer and focus on the basic service


We choose only the best and the most responsive ones among our translators, who always provide linguistically appropriate translation. Their work is not easy as it requires a good knowledge of translation technology and huge language skills. Our translators are also regularly trained and further develop their knowledge and skills.


In our translation agency we are investing heavily in translation technology. We are thus able to translate your text much faster and better. Text you send us may be converted using OCR programs and utilities into text files from various formats such as .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, etc.

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